It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!!!

I finally finished building my website and new blog!  I missed my deadline of January 1st by a couple of days weeks but that’s ok!  I never have been really good with new years resolutions :)

They are both still a work in progress as I learn about widgets and plugins so I am not certain all of the buttons and menus will actually work on my blog…  Please bear with me.

You can view my site at

and my new and improved blog at  (the blog is still in maintenance mode because I have not posted yet.  I PROMISE I will have it active by the end of the day tomorrow!)  So as of today, I will no longer be using this blog.  Adios!



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Sneak Peek ~ Sam

I planned to post my entire session with Sammy but it’s late and I’m sleepy :)  More to come later this week :)

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Give Thanks

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”  
1 Thessalonians 5:18                    
I am THANKFUL for:
* a close supportive family
* Travis- an amazing man who loves me unconditionally, always takes care of me,    always thinks of me,  the list goes on and on :)
* close friends whom i can always count on
* God’s grace and mercy
* the ability to do the things i love-creating, reading, photography, traveling
* my little Daisy- the best dog-child ever :)
* having had Cheryl in my life, if even for a short while and especially God’s Promise that i WILL see her again
* a warm place to live
* a full belly
* a sister that is my very best friend and gets me like no one else does
* a steady income
* the many, many doors God has opened and continues to open for me allowing me to follow my dreams
What are you thankful for?
And because every post is better with a photo….
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Happy Friday!

Just back from beautiful Santa Barbara and the Wildflowers Workshop.  It was such an amazing time.  I loved every one of the girls I got to spend the week with and can not wait to see all of our photography businesses grow!  I will post all about the workshop once I have recovered from my travels and really soaked everything in :)


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Love Me Some Daisy

Today, Little Miss Daisy decided that my new hairbrush was a mortal enemy.  So I did what anyone would do, I tormented her with it for about 5 minutes.  :) By now you know that I am the worst blogger EVER.  Sorry.  I am trying to get better.  At the moment I am working on some technical problems with my blog and building a nice new shiny website, that will hopefully be up and running in the next couple weeks!  I can’t wait to reveal it!  Also, traveling to Santa Barbara to attend a photography workshop with the very talented Joy Harmon Prouty of “Wildflowers Photography”.  I can not even begin to explain how excited I am!  

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Lil’ Pumpkin

I will never tire of photographing sweet little Hunter.  He is always such a good baby, never any tears, always just smiles!  I can’t wait to have children of my own so that I can dress them up in cute little costumes.  All. the. time.  Maybe every day.  Who says you can only dress up on Halloween?  :) 

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King of the Forest

When Erin showed me this Cowardly Lion costume I couldn’t wait to see Luke in it.  He was simply adorable!  And absolutely miserable :)  Poor little guy could barely lift his head from all his “curly” fur.  He was such a good sport though.  When he shed some tears of frustration he even made sure that his cries sounded like a roar :)

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