Borderline Hoarder?

I don’t live in filth & I don’t collect empty containers, bottles, moldy food, or live animals, but as I walked into my spare bedroom to drop my latest useless purchase from Micheal’s dollar bins I looked at the quickly disappearing floor and was somewhat startled.  When did this happen?  Several months ago this room was completely bare.  Why exactly did I purchase three tiny picture frames that will not hold any normal sized photo in them?  Right next to where I had dropped them was yet another Micheal’s bag from one of my last trips full of metal hanging votive holders.  Still untouched, and unused.  I intend to use them as cute decor for a spring or summer bbq… but will I?

 If I purchase something just to throw it in a spare room unused then obviously I did not need it to begin with.  It is hard for me, I admit, to pass up cute little items that only cost 1$ but they are all adding up, one by one, bag by bag.  I find myself making similar justifications as those on the “Hoarding” shows.  “I can find some use for this.” or “Someone will use it.” or “It was only a dollar.”  So for me NO MORE dollar bins,  and no more collecting things I didn’t even know I collected.  Until I actually use the items I already have waiting in my spare room you will not see me perusing the dollar aisle… I promise :)

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3 Responses to Borderline Hoarder?

  1. Nancee says:

    Those are really cute frames though :)

  2. Jamie says:

    Sorry Jode.. I have done this to you…

  3. Summer says:

    Your pictures are amazing!!! Did Kim tell you I actually asked her to give me her photographer’s info when I saw her pics and then she messaged me and said,”Do you REALLY want me to give you your own cousin’s phone number?” :) I couldn’t believe they were yours! They look like someone’s who has been doing photography for years. You definitely have a gift! :) Can’t wait to see Addie and Lane’s pictures on here.

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