Friday Favorites

My dog Daisy is my absolute favorite animal I have ever met.  I’m sure if you spend anytime with her you will think so too.  She is pretty stinkin’ cool…the coolest dog ever in fact.  Now I know you are probably thinking your dog is the coolest, but that is just because you have never met Daisy ;)  She is a little stand-offish at first, and perhaps a little snobby (she gets that from her momma) but once she warms up to you she will love you forever.  You might even get her to smile at you.  Yes she smiles, full on bottom and top teeth grin.  Only a lucky few get these smiles from her though, and unfortunately I am not one of them.  Hopefully one day I will get to capture one on camera to show you. 

If you have ever met Dais then you know that she only likes drinking out of glasses, never her bowl and that Travis will usually put two ice-cubes in her cup.  He says that’s the way she likes it :)

 That she sits upright like a human,

 her favorite spot is in the crook of Travis’ arm,

her favorite pastimes are camping and fishing,

and she loves her some naps!

And I LOVE me some Daisy!

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One Response to Friday Favorites

  1. Jamie says:

    Jody… that is absolutely adorable!! I love me some Daisy too!

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