Artist Open Studio

   Yesterday while on a walk with Jenni we stumbled upon the Artist Open Studio.  I had no idea what this was but called my sister knowing she would want to check it out.  An hour later we purchased tickets and began the tour.  We were not disappointed.  My only regret is that we did not know about this before hand because there were dozens of artists we did not get to see in Oakdale, Waterford, Modesto and Manteca.

    Participating artists open their studios for you to see all of their work and where they create it (most was available for purchase).  It was really cool to see where they work and get their inspiration.  The various artists used different mediums and created truly unique and beautiful things.

    Our first stop was Rhett Regina Owings studio.  There were a couple of other artists showcasing their work but regrettably I didn’t get their names.  One artist was D. Wold, I have one of her paintings pictured below. 

    Rhett Regina Owings had a really cute little studio, it was cluttered with all her tools, paints, pastels, paintings, and easels.  She paints “en Plein Air” which means she paints outdoors right in front of her subject.

D. Wold

    Rhett also makes origami.  These cranes are absolutely beautiful.  She uses paper from Japan and makes earrings, little cranes for hanging in windows or in your car with decorative beads, and pins.  All proceeds for these cranes go directly to Japan for earthquake relief.  If you would like to check them out go to her site.  

    Our next stop was the studios of John and Titia Barnett.  These two do it all.  Titia is a sculptor and wood-carver.  John draws, paints, does castings of tree bark (which are very cool), makes things out of metals such as bronze.  They have very unique and cool things.  Titia’s studio where she creates her ceramic pieces (sculptures, fountains, etc.) is a Yurt.  Google it if you have never seen one.  They are sweet :)  They are traditionally used by Mongolians as shelters.  I didn’t get a good photo of the whole tent.  There is a huge circular sky light in the ceiling of the Yurt and a large round table where she works.  A very cool place to work I would think.  She also offers ceramics and wood carving classes so if you are interested, give her a call. (209-634-4535)

Holly in the Yurt

Titia showing us Johns work and studio

    Our last stop was artist Don Hall.  I didn’t realize it until we were on our way but he is my friend Sam’s dad :)  I forgot my camera in the car so I don’t have photos of his work but he is crazy talented.  He makes ceramic things, paints, draws and I am sure much more.  Most of the artists we met are pretty much talented with any medium.  He had a bunch of the most beautiful and unique tea-pots I have ever seen.  My favorite pieces he made were some giant ceramic pots that had colorful Day of the Dead skeletons on them with sombrero and guitars.  So cool!  You can see his work at

    I will definitely be going to the next Artist Open Studio, whenever that may be.  I think they are going to start doing them every two years.  If this seems like your kind of thing check out Sonora Art Trails Open Studio.  It is the same thing but in Tuolumne County and my Aunt Tracy Knopf is one of the featured artists!   April 30th and May 1st.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Great pics Jody.. but I want to see Baby L…

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