Miguel & Irma

Miguel and Irma are seriously so awesome!  I was not their photographer and I had never even met them, yet, when my cousin Brenda asked them if they would mind if I tagged along for their engagement session they totally didn’t care.  I had so much fun shooting this session and it was such a great learning experience.  It was obvious during my time with Miguel and Irma how much love these two have for each other.  At one point Irma teared up a bit just looking at Miguel and it was the sweetest thing.  :) 

I am so thankful for Brenda! She is a very talented photographer in the Stockton area and has kind of taken me under her wing. She is my 3rd cousin (her hubby, Bobby’s gma and my gpa are siblings)  As I have mentioned before I have a very large family with lots and lots of cousins.  Anyway, she is so sweet and unbelievably generous.  I will be forever indebted to her and Bobby for mentoring me and giving me these opportunities that I never would have gotten on my own.  I am also so very grateful for Miguel and Irma for allowing me to crash their engagement session and second shoot their upcoming wedding!

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One Response to Miguel & Irma

  1. Bobby Magee says:

    SOOOOO many beautiful shots Jody! Great work!

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