I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible and just shoot anything and everything.  Most days Flaka can be found blocking anyone from entering or exiting my home so it was not hard to find a subject to photograph.   I’m not really a cat person, mostly because I am  allergic to them, and for their snotty temperaments (Daisy is always happy to see me), but Flaka has kinda grown on me.  We did not choose her, she chose us.  She showed up several years ago and never left (She heard the cat food over here was free). That last photo is a perfect example of that kitty temperament I’m talking about.  She was definitely giving me the stink eye when I took that photo.  Most of the time however, she is very sweet,  she even cuddles with Daisy :)

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One Response to ~Flaka~

  1. marisa says:

    Awwww Flacka!! I miss her =)

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