Sweet Little Sadie

Just 14 days new :)

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  As I was editing these images of my little cousins tonight I was thinking how common it is for my clients to get frustrated if their children are not cooperating or smiling for the camera.   Were I a parent, I would probably be a bit frazzled too, because of course I would want others to see that my child actually is the smiling adorable little ham that I know him/her to be.  However, from my end, as a photographer, I can tell you that chances are the images you are going to remember and want to hang on your wall are not necessarily the ones where your child is smiling and looking right at the camera.  The images I capture of children in real moments being themselves are usually my very favorite from my sessions. 

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Happy Friday!

I love me some leggings and jeggings but this is hilarious :)  I may or may not be guilty of one or two or five of these mentioned. 

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Bunco, where have you been all my life?

Some friends and I recently started a Bunco league.  We are still trying to finalize the 12 lucky ladies to participate but it is harder than you would think to get 12 women together once a month!  I have a feeling if we were 12 men we wouldn’t be scrambling to get all participants gathered together on a friday evening.  We recently had our first official game night and though we were a little short on players it was still a blast :)  I had played only once before and had to learn to play all over.  Why all women do not make a point to have a little Bunco in their life I don’t know.  Who doesn’t love some girl time, a little friendly competition, food and drinks, and $$!  Photos from our first game are scarce.  We ran late and it was dark before I really got any.  Next time I will post more :)

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~The Most Talented Artist~

What a beautiful sunset He gave us tonight!



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The “R” Family

I always love when I photograph kids who spend little to no time warming up to me. It makes the session go much more smoothly and we can get right down to having fun. These three were no exception, right off the bat they were running around showing me their sweet, fun personalities.

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I heart my 85mm

I am so in love with my lens!  It is such an awesome portrait lens, I have been using it pretty much exclusively for sessions since I got it two weeks ago. Here are some of my first shots using it.  Love it! <3

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